Mental Health Bills May Limit Young Americans’ Clout

There are also risk-adjustment provisions for the insurers, as well as $10 billion worth of re-insurance in 2014 for those who sign on higher levels of people with chronic conditions. Also, Kingsdale said, many young insurance customers may receive federal subsidies to help buy insurance, so they could cost the system more than older customers who have more money to buy insurance without subsidies. “The tax subsidy pays in, so if you’re supposed to pay $100 based on your salary, you’re going to,” Kingsdale said. “There are higher premiums, but not higher prices for individuals their price is pretty much fixed based on their income.” That means younger people are more expensive, he said. Some analysts have predicted the insurance market could go into a “death spiral” without enough young insurance customers buying into the market and driving down rates for everyone. If older and less healthy people dominate the insurance pool, they will end up costing more in benefits and insurers will have to raise premiums to compensate for the higher costs.
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Napolitano brings mental health services program to school district in El Monte

Claudia Palma

. . do not receive any specialized mental health and/or suicide prevention training, Hayes wrote, and in practice, he said, the entirety of all suicide-prevention training for corrections and Unity staff is a 39-slide PowerPoint presentation that is titled Suicide Prevention (Module 16), which lasts one hour and is offered to new employees and repeated once a year. Vincent Keane, president and chief executive of Unity, testified Thursday that one long-time mental-health clinician was recently removed as an instructor. Critics of the instructor, whom Keane did not identify, said he had characterized most suicide attempts as attempts to seek attention or misbehave. Keane and Faust said they hope to ensure that Unity psychiatrists and social workers who conduct psychological screenings of incoming inmates have access to the filed charges and other court information that could shed light on their mental states.
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Report: Rash of suicides at D.C. jail points to deep problem with inmates’ mental health care

I know parents are busy, we need to have a balance. This is our leadership, our future. Areli Lozano, a mental health therapist with PC for two years, has been working at Bassett High School in La Puente, which has had Napolitanos program for two years, and at Torch Middle School in City of Industry, who just begun the program this school year. During her time, she has seen a variety of students with a variety of needs. Generally, in middle school theres so many hormonal changes, and in high school its more about social standings, she said. Every child is different in their own right, (diagnosis) can vary from depression or anxiety, so the way you respond is different. Carranza said the elementary schools in the district have a Peacebuilders program but would like to do offer students more social/emotional learning, and something more age appropriate for the middle schools. Lozano said she deals with a majority of Latinos, who can have a negative belief about mental health.
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